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Elite Ballet Theatre is one of Southern California's premiere ballet schools focused on classical ballet training.
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Elite Ballet Theatre, founded in 2003, is one of the top ballet schools in Southern California. With a grand, full length ballet performance annually at the San Gabriel Mission Playhouse, students are able to experience classical ballet in a professional setting-from the costumes to the choreography to the backdrops, all are enriched by this learning environment.

Our primary location is in Temple City. Stressing the importance of quality over quantity, we are dedicated to educating our students in a setting much like a private institution, where students are given a higher education. They are given the opportunity to see and experience only the best, raising their standards of life.

Our students have won numerous awards at both national and international competitions. They have been also accepted to prestigious ballet summer intensive at professional companies such as San Francisco Ballet, Milwaukee Ballet, Boston Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, Atlanta Ballet, Carreño Summer Intensive, and most likely more to come. Please refer to our “Awards and Honors” page for more details.