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Our School

The Pre-Professional Division

The Pre-Professional Division is for students who have taken a serious interest in ballet, would like to participate in our annual performances, audition for summer intensives with professional ballet companies, and compete in competitions at both the national and international level. Some of these students include those who are in ballet 5/company. They are given a greater opportunity to perform solo roles in our performances because of their dedication.
In the past, our students have been accepted into prestigious summer intensives with Milwaukee Ballet, Boston Ballet, Atlanta Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, San Francisco Ballet, USA International Ballet Competition Summer Program and the prestigious CarreƱo Summer Intensive.
This rigorous program demands only dedication, excellence, and a love for ballet. Students in this division must participate in the annual summer intensives held in the months of July and August if eligible. These students are chosen by the faculty. Typically, students begin in the standard division and then are upgraded to the pre-professional, but it is possible to start off in this division.

The Standard Division

Almost all students begin ballet in the standard division. Only those with an exceptional love or talent for ballet will begin with the pre-professional division. Classes in this division will follow a standard syllabus, like the one shown on the curriculum page. Students in the this division do not typically participate in our annual performances. They view ballet as a mere hobby or exercise and are not serious. Students also only take class only once a week.
Summer intensives are recommended to those who would like to improve or to those who would some day like to be a part of the pre-professional division. Faculty will periodically choose these students to enter the pre-professional division.

Competition Team

Students who excel in their classes will be given the opportunity to join the Competition Team. We participate in a number of competitions including, but not limited to, Youth America Grand Prix, World Ballet Competition, International Ballet Competitions (USA, Helsinki, Varna, Moscow, etc.), Showstopper Dance Championships, and American Dance Awards. Competitions are a great way to push students to work hard towards a goal. Through this process, they learn that hard work gets paid off.

Our students always compete as a family, never as individuals. Even if students are not competing on a certain day, many if not all other competition team members will be there to support their fellow team members. This helps foster a positive learning environment.

Competition team eligibility is at the discretion of the Director.