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Classes are directed at learning classical ballet repertoire, based on the Vaganova technique-a foundation that is needed for all types of dance. It is not only the hardest, but also the most beautiful out of all types of dance. Students are required to take at least one placement class and one technique class per week. Our classes are separated by age and ability, with each level focusing on a different aspect of core training. New students who would like to join our program will have to be evaluated first in a placement class, and the teacher will decide which level will be most suitable for the student.

Pre-Ballet (Ages 5 – 6) *twice a week*
Pre-ballet is an introductory course in ballet where students will begin to learn all the five basic arm and feet positions. Students will develop coordination and rhythm while learning how to work together with other students. Classes will help nurture the students’ love of dance. Terminology (in French) will be taught, such as: plié, tendu, chassé, etc. This class is 1 hour long.


Ballet 1 (Ages 6 – 8) *twice a week*
Ballet 1 introduces barre work to the students. They are taught correct body placement and learn how the five arm and feet positions are incorporated into ballet. Students will begin to develop arm and leg coordination skills throughout the level. More terminology will be taught, as decagés, rond de jambes, fondus will be added. This class is 1 hour and 1/2 long.


Ballet 2 (Ages 7 – 9) *three times a week*
Ballet 2 learns all the barre exercises for ballet. Students begin to learn simple combinations in the center, in preparation for more complex ones with 2 or more steps. Jumps such as petit allegro will start to be a part of class. This class is 2 hours long.


Ballet 3 (Ages 9 – 11) *three to four times a week*
Typically, Ballet 3 students are tested to see whether or not they are ready for pointe. A rigorous examination will take place to see who is strong enough to be on pointe. Those who qualify will begin pointe at the barre. Students in this level will learn complex combinations in the center and begin turns. This class is 2 hours long.


Ballet 4 (Ages 12 – 14) *three to four times a week*
Students will learn all ballet steps. A strong foundation in basics will be required at this level. Complex combinations will be learned quickly, and grande allegro will be given. This level focuses on developing strength, stability, balance, elevation; while encouraging musicality and artistry. All students will be on pointe. Pointe will consist of both barre work and center.


Ballet 5/Company (Ages 15 and up) *three or four times a week*
Students who have completed all four levels may be evaluated for Ballet 5. This class is considered the “advanced”, so a very strong classical ballet technique is required. Students at this level will begin to refine and polish their technique, focusing on clean positions and correct body placement. Ballet 5 students are eligible for solo parts in the performances based on their ability and are at the discretion of the director.